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3 Signs of a Stupid People

Hello Friends Welcome to BestDeals360.com. Friends, today I will tell you about 3 signs of a Stupid people through this article, so definitely read this article from beginning to end.

Expecting Different Result by Repeating Same Action

The first and the biggest sign of stupid people is that they repeat the same action over and over again and accept different results each time. So do you know any person who starts studying a few days before the exam. He works hard day and night and leaves no stone unturned so that he can pass the exam and expect good results. While doing all this he promises to himself that next time he will study with hard work from the beginning of the whole year and will not work hard in the last few hours. But as soon as the exam is over and the next year comes, everything remains the same. He spends his time having fun and starts studying again three to four days before the exam so that good marks can come. It is well known from him that he cannot get good marks by preparing for a few hours before the exam. He will have to study regularly to get good grades, but like an idiot he repeats the same thing every time hoping for a new outcome. Or do you know someone who chats with unknown people on social media and falls in love with them and starts building a palace in the air. A few days later, when his dream breaks, he realizes that he has made a mistake by trusting an unknown person. But after a few days, they start repeating the same action again. When another person comes into their life and they think that it will not be the same again. They repeat their mistake again but cannot improve themselves.

Arrogance of Knowing Everything

The other big sign of stupid people is Hey, I know everything. Do you know anyone who shows that they have more knowledge than you in any subject for example, they have spent a lot of money on small things and now they are looking for a good investment option for saving. Suppose you have read Benjamin Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor and you have been investing in the stock market for years and you went to tell them something on the basis of your previous experience in the stock market. He has not read any book about the stock market and nor does he have any idea how the stock market operates. Even before you said something, he started speaking Hey! I know very well about the stock market; It is nothing like betting. You don’t try to explain me anything else. He is so aerogent that he has no interest in learning new things. A person who has a deep understanding of knowledge is never aerogent because they know that knowledge is infinite and that’s why Sir Isaac Newton said that what we know is just a drop, what we don’t know is that 1 It is the ocean.

Blindly Trusting Someone without Questioning

The third big sign of stupid people is that they trust others without thinking anything. Do you know someone who is speaking right in front of him without any investigation or not, blindly believe anyone’s words for example, a man was troubled by his slow growing beard and someone told him that By applying this oil, his beard will grow quickly. Immediately the man accepted these things and started using that oil, but before using the oil, he did not even think about the ingredients of the oil even once and did not search in Google and found that the ingredients are scientifically proven to grow beard or not. The man believed his friend and started using oil on his face. After 1 week, he got a lot of rash on his mouth and he did not get any hairs on his face. Or some so called friend tells him about a scheme which guarantees that by putting money in it, they will double in 6 months. The man believed his friend’s words to be true and invested a lot of his money in it without doing a fact check or carefully reading the documents of the scheme which he had saved for years. After 6 months he came to know that instead of doubling he had lost all his money.

I learned all these things from Sandeep Maheshwari sir’s Video 3 Signs of a Foolish Person. If you have not yet seen that video, then you must watch the video once by visiting the YouTube channel of Sandeep Maheshwari sir on YouTube.

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