5 Psychology Steps to Know all the things in the minds of others

5 Psychology Steps to Know all the things in the minds of others

A few days ago I was standing and talking with my friends. In such a situation, I suddenly notice that one of my friends who was my friend is never making eye contact. Even when I am talking and everyone else was looking at me and listening to me, that friend of mine was never looking at me and he was also turning his head to the other side because then I was reading the book WHAT EVERY BODY IS SAYING written by Joe Navarro.

That’s why I was able to notice body language of my friends. Later I came to know that that day my friend was really angry with me for one thing. I had noticed before this thing and Thanks to Joe & Body Reading technique increased, and our friendship was also saved. When our own people are angry with us, sometimes they do not say anything with their mouth then there is only and only one way to know their mind and that is their body language and hence in this today’s article of BestDeals360.com I am going to share with you how you can read their body language step by step as soon as they come in front of someone.

How can you know whether the person in front of you is lying or telling the truth or the person in front is liking you or is not liking them, you can also find out from their body language that their mind You can know because I am going to tell you this technique step by step, so to learn the art of reading body language in the right way, you must definitely read the article from the beginning to the last.

In childhood, when you used to watch food and you did not like it, you used to shrink your nose and your mother would probably tell you that hey, stop making this mouth and finish the food soon. So since childhood, we have been learning that we should walk in such a way that the person in front of us does not know what is on our mind, what we do not want to let them know.

So if you want to know the mind of the person in front, then first of all, you should look towards their feet, not their mouth because even if we somehow control our facial expression but we do not pay much attention to control the movement of our feet. That is why our feet are the most active & honest part of our body.

Before talking to anyone, it is important to pay attention to which way they have kept the soles of their feet. If their soles are directly towards you, it shows that they have a positive feeling towards you and if they have kept the soles of their feet folded to the other side, then it shows a negative feeling in their mind.

If their feet are towards the exit door, it may mean that they want to get out of there and if they keep the soles of their feet folded or hidden under the chair, then it may mean that They are nervous or want to hide something from you.

Look at the Feet

You might have noticed that if someone is caught red-handed doing something wrong, then it completely freeze for some time. This is our freeze response to the limbic brain. So many years ago, when our insisters used to live in the forest, they had 3 options at the time of danger such as Freeze, Flight & Fight and these reactions are stored in our nervous system and are still hard wired in our limbic brain.

Therefore, in times of danger, our limbic brain promptly and automatically triggers one of these three responses through our nervous system, which we cannot control at all, and that is why limbic brain is also called Honest Brain. If you ask a question to someone, if it becomes freeze for a while, then it indicates that they do not want to tell you the answer to that question because they feel threatened in some way or if they are away from you Leaning on the side, if you feel this danger then there may be a flight response of the limbic brain or if they start insulting you, then if you feel that danger then there can also be a fight response of the limbic brain.

Look for the Limbic Responses

The most nervous parts in our body are in the palm of our hands and that is why when we become nervous, our fingers start to tremble first. We express a large part of our emotions through our hand movements and because our nervous system is mainly controlled by our Limbic brain. That is why we cannot hide these things easily even if we want to.

Suppose you ask a suspect that on that day you were going straight from that path and then turning to which side? If he says right side from the mouth but his hand is pointing to the left side, then perhaps he is lying with his mouth but his hand is telling the truth. This kind of response gives us an idea of the state of mind of the person in front while talking or clenching hands, but the problem is that we do not pay much attention to these things.

Look at the Hands

When we are nervous or unconfertable then Adrain Allen Rush starts in our body. Because of which we get excited and at this time, we start acting in various ways to calm ourselves. Some start touching their face, some touch their neck, some chew their nails. So this inside the front is of unevenness, uncomfortableness and hints about nervousness.

Look for Pacifying Behaviours

Notice every time I am using the word “indicates”. Its reason is that if you come to a conclusion after seeing a single body language signal, then you will make a mistake. Each body language signal indicates impossibility. Your task is to observe whether the body language signals of his village are pointing in the same direction or not. If most of their body language signals are pointing in the same direction, then by combining all those body language signals then you can come to the conclusion together.

First Combine then Conclude

Just as the author of this book, Joe Navarro, has said that just as it is necessary to listen carefully to get the right understanding of someone’s speech, in order to understand the body language correctly, it is necessary to look carefully.

So Friend’s i hope you have understood that how to read others mind through these 5 psychology tips. If you have any questions related to this article the please comment bellow in the comment box we will try to answer all your questions.

Thank You.

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