8 Highest Paying Non-Technical Jobs in India

Highest Paying Non-Technical Jobs in India

8 Highest Paying Non-Technical Jobs in India: To apply for Fresher Jobs or Prepare Job Interviews for Sales Jobs, Customer Support Jobs, Bpo Jobs and many more, you should download the Able Jobs app from Google Play Store because on this app, interview preparation courses are available for Amazon, BYJU’S, Lido, Axis Bank, Paytm, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Infosys and many such companies. This app has helped more than 2000 people in the last 6 months to get jobs. You can download Able Jobs app from Google Play Store. Are you looking for India’s top-highest paying non-IT jobs just like the rest of the candidates and do you think that most technology companies need only IT experts and not non IT. So if you think then this is not true because to run the business and organization, the need for technical experts is almost as much as non-technical candidates and the perfect balance of these two makes an organization successful. And the good news for you is that now the demand for non-tech candidates in areas like marketing, management and product design is increasing rapidly. According to Glassdoor, 43% daily is non-technical i.e. that is, 50%. Therefore, you do not need to worry nor under estimate your non technical skills because if you have skills then you can get a very good salary package easily. And in this article today, we are going to tell you about the top 8 highest paying non tech jobs in India that can give you a good salary package.

Friends, you will now know the basic difference between Tech jobs and Non Tech jobs. That Tech Jobs is mostly related to Computer Codes, Software Application, Network Systems and Algorithms whereas the primary focus of Non IT Jobs is on Business. Tech jobs should have excellent technical skills while non tech jobs require soft skills such as communication skills, leadership skills and problem solving ability.

So, after this basic difference, we now know about India’s Top 8 Highest Paying Non-Tech Jobs.

Social Media Manager Job

Social media has approx 3.96 billion active users. In such a situation, social media is a very good way for marketers to reach the customers because through this it has become very easy to increase brand awareness and user engagement. That is why this profession is gaining its hold fast. In this profession you have to set the marketing strategy and content of the business according to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Quora. As a social media manager, you should also have an understanding of social media, algorithms and trends. To become a social media manager, you need to complete a graduation degree. Apart from this, you have to do a course related to that field or if you have experience, then as a social media manager you will easily get 3 lakh per annum salary.

Market Research Analyst

To reach this position, you must have an MBA degree in graduation and marketing. A Market Research Analyst works to perfect design and shape the plans to better advertise the products and services of its organization in the market. You must have creativity for this job. You should also have a better understanding of market trends and audience attitudes. While at this position, you will have to evaluate data collection methods like Questions, Survey and Opinion Polls. Many responsibilities have to be fulfilled like mesuring the effectiveness of marketing strategy and campaigns and as a market research analyst you will be able to earn an average of 3 lakh per annum salary easily.

Customer Relationship Manager

So this is another Highest Paying Non Tech Job Customer Relationship Manager. For which you have to be a graduate and if you also have multi talking and communication skills, then E-Commerce Platforms like Banks, Amazon, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank can hire you without any exam. In this, if you want to prepare for Amazon interview, then you have to search Amazon in Able Jobs App. While staying at this position, you will have to maintain relationships with customers and prospect in addition to build sales. Their problems and Complaints have to be solved and quick response. Business performance will have to be reviewed and if you perform well on the basis of your skills, then as an Customer Relationship Manager, your average salary package will be 4 lakh per annum.

Content Manager Job

Bachelor’s degree holders in fields like Communication, Journalism or English can apply for this job. For this, you should have expertise in SEO and Keyword placement. Your writing and verbal communication skills should be excellent and you should know how to create original and creative content. While on this job, you can work 5 lakh per annum salary.

Digital Marketing Strategist Job

You must be a graduate for this Non-Tech Job. If you have digital marketing experience, then it is very good, otherwise you can become an expert in it by taking a course of 3 to 6 months. While on this position, you have to match business objectives with relevant online marketing channels and platforms. For this, you should have basic understanding of Marketing Principals and Content Management. Your creative thinking and hard working attitude can take you to this position. While at this position you will have to fulfill a lot of responsibilities Such as creating an affordable plan to launch a new product or service in the market, doing site SEO, running Google and Facebook ads, analyzing the results of a digital marketing campaign and if you also fulfill your responsibility, then for your talent, you will get more than 5 lakh per annum.

Business Development Manager

Business development is the most important function for any company because the company’s revenue comes from here. So many companies in India hire 12 months for this role. You can access this Highest Paying Non-Tech Job by taking MBA degree in graduation or sales. Ad tech companies like BYJU’s, Toppr and Vedantu can be recruited in many other companies. You will also find many companies specific courses on Able Jobs App from where you can prepare for your interview, like if you want to apply or interview for Axis Bank or BYJU’s, you can search here and you will get the course. As far as the job of Business Development Manager is concerned, your role in that job is to make contact with the company’s exiting and new clients, provide them with information and to do this you must have appealing personality, confluence power and great communication skills and on the position of a Business Development Manager, you can get more than 5 lakh annual salary. In which the incentive you get for your Extraordinary Efforts will also be added.

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst accesses the Processes, Systems and Business models for technology integration of its organization. For this job, you must be a graduate in any specialization and experience is also required in your field. Internship will also be right here for you. For this job, it is important for you to have a lot of skills like understanding the business, the skill to analyze and avoid risk factors, critical thinking. As a business analyst, you will also have to fulfill responsibilities like identifying sales trends, analyzing market competition, interacting with customers and clients, and providing personalized service and you can get 6 lakh per annum salary while on this position.

Investment Banker’s Job

India’s Top Highest Non Tech Jobs also include Investment Banker’s job, for which you must have a B.Com in Economics or an MBA in Finance. CA and CFA are preferred in this. Importing tasks like handling stocks and selling equities are with the Investment Banker. In such a situation, if you have an understanding of critical thinking and financial markets as well as analytical and risk taking skills, then you can apply for this job and also earn a salary of 7 lakh per annum plus bonus.

So friends, this was India’s Top 8 Highest Paying Non-Tech Jobs which will help you to choose the best option for you slso, this article may have cleared your doubt that there are no good job options for Non-Tech candidates. We would also like to tell you that to get the Highest Paying Job, do not just depend on your degrees but also keep improving your skills. To gain experience of your field, you can also start from internship or entry level job and can also do courses. Hopefully, this article from BestDeals360.com will help you a lot, if you have helped, then you will definitely let us know by commenting below.

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