How to become Mechanical Engineer after 10th?

How to become Mechanical Engineer after 10th

How to become Mechanical Engineer after 10th: After the 10th, children often start thinking about their future and what to do next. It is difficult at times to choose between long studies and short term courses. If it is about the short term course, then after the 10th, there are many courses that help you to choose the career option according to your choice. ITI becomes a very good option when science field children dream of going into engineering line. So let us know what is ITI and through which admission in which course you can become Mechanical Engineering. We will also tell you in the article of about which field you can get a job by doing Mechanical Engineering.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Chemical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest fields of engineering. This field is associated with the design, manufacture and use of machines. In this, children get to learn how big and heavy machines work. Students who study Mechanical Engineering learn about the design of automobile, electric motors, aircraft and other heavy vehicles. Mechanical engineers design everything from new battery athletic goods to medical devices, personal computers, air conditioners and automobile engines to power plants. These engineers also design machines that have been newly discovered.

What is the future of Mechanical Engineering?

Now the era of machines has arrived and there is a huge opportunity for mechanical engineering in India and abroad. Mechanical engineer is needed in every field of life today. There are many courses available for doing mechanical engineering in India. Best of all, students should complete B.Tech and M.Tech after completing their 12th standard. But for the children who want to come in this line only after 10th, many opportunities are available in this line.

How to do Mechanical Engineering after 10th?

If you dream of becoming a mechanical engineer and want to start earning soon, after class X, many ITI colleges, Polytechnic College and Engineer Institutes do diploma courses like mechanical engineering. Very good options are available in all these places after 10th. To study according to your interest and step into the field of your choice. So ITI or Polytechnic have their own colleges which after completing school provide courses and also placements to provide easy employment to the students. These are vocational centers. These vocational centers train students in their field of interest so that they can get a job soon after the course is over.

What are the benefits of ITI, Polytechnic to Mechanical Engineering?

Not everyone in the world can do long studies to become a doctor or engineer. For some reason or the other, children have to leave the path of long studies. But even after that, if you want to become an engineer, then there is no need to get a diploma or full degree. The ITI and Polytechnic courses will benefit the students in many ways such as getting jobs easily, setting up a career with a good job at an early age. Avoiding the time it takes for a long course of 3 or 4 years.

What are the qualifications required to do Mechanical Engineering?

To take admission in any course, one has to pass the qualifications required. If you want to take admission in the course and do not fulfill its conditions, then you will not be able to take admission in that course. Apart from this, the college from which you want to take the course may also have some other conditions. Before applying for admission, you should check all the course conditions in the college.

Talking about the basic qualifications for almost all the courses in mechanical engineering, some are like this: –

You must be over 14 years of age and under 40 years of age. You have passed 10th or 8th from regular school. The school from which they have completed their respective schooling should fall within a recognized Board of Education. It is mandatory to pass all the subjects in 10th and 8th. For the course you want to take for mechanical engineering, the subjects that are required for you must be in 10th or 8th. For example, Physics, Chemistry and Maths are necessary for doing Mechanical Engineering.

What is the process to take admission in any course of mechanical engineering?

There is a different way to get admission in Mechanical Engineering everywhere. Students should check the selection process used by their preferred college beforehand so that they have a good understanding of the selection process beforehand. Nirmal written videos are usually used to select students. In most cases, students are selected on the basis of merit. Students are selected on the basis of their qualification meaning how many marks they have scored in 10th or 8th standard examination. After this the college issues a list in which students with higher numbers are taken. Some colleges take a separate entrance exam to select students. Applicants have to take the exam and their selection is based on the marks scored in the exam. Some college interviews are also conducted to select students. Different institutes have different ways of selecting students you can find it from the institute’s website.

How is the exam of ITI course And how to get the certificate?

Every institution has its own board. Many colleges take exams under the State Board. The method of ITI is slightly different. After the completion of all the classes in which the student has taken admission in the course, he has to give the exam of AITT i.e. All India Trade Test which provides NCVT i.e. National Council Vocational Training. After passing the exam, the student gets a certificate from the National Trade, after which he can apply for the job anywhere on the basis of the certificate and his merit.

What are the good colleges in India to do Mechanical Engineering?

There are many government and private colleges in every state of India that conduct mechanical engineering. Here we will tell you the names of some very good government and private colleges from where students can do a good job by doing mechanical engineering.

  • Govt Industrial Training Institute, Purulia
  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Raebareli
  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Tiruchendur
  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Madurai
  • Industrial Training Institute, Mandvi (Surat)
  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Trichy
  • Salboni Government ITI
  • VeermataJijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai
  • Government Polytechnic, Pune
  • Government Polytechnic College, Aurangabad
  • Pusa Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Shri K.J. Polytechnic College, Bharuch
  • Advanced Technical Training Centre, Sikkim
  • Government Polytechnic, Rajkot
  • Gujarat Technological University

How do I get a job after Mechanical Engineering?

Exams have to be given after completing the course of mechanical engineering. Polytechnic and ITI take the exam in different ways. After passing that exam, many options for the job are opened. Many colleges have their own placement cell from where they can get jobs in private sector. In the beginning, the salary may be reduced but as the work experience is added, their salary increases. Many students go to other countries and work after doing a Mechanical Engineering Diploma course. Many vacancies also arise in the government sector. There is also a separate reservation for ITI people in many jobs in which you can apply on the basis of your qualifications. Apart from this, these students can also apply for other types of Central Government Department, Defense etc.

So friends hope that you have got all the information related on How to become Mechanical Engineer after 10th in this article. Our effort is to give all the information in any subject on which we make a video so that you do not have to go anywhere else. If you have any questions, please write to us in the comment box and we will definitely answer your questions.

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