7 Tips on How to Complete Board Exam Syllabus in 1 Month

How to Complete Board Exam Syllabus in 1 Month

How to Complete Board Exam Syllabus in 1 Month: Whatever the exam is, it is always important, but the matter of board exam is different, in its name, there is such a feeling that the sleep of nights is blown away. Therefore, the pressure and preparation during the exam is also high. The reason for this being that the board exam whether 10th class or 12th class both affect the future of exam students, ie a good score in board exams is very helpful and very important in higher studies and careers. Therefore, the board exam is considered so important. In such a situation, if you too are in 10th or 12th class and are preparing for the exam but are unable to understand how to cover the entire syllabus in just 1 month, then this article is for you because in this article today we will give you tips that will help you to complete the board exam syllabus in 1 month, so definitely read this article.

Friends, before going to the tips, it is also important to know that the preparation of board exam cannot be completed in just 1 month. For this, it is necessary to start preparing in advance and the concept of every subject has to be kept clear. After that when you prepare for the final of your board exam a day before the exam. So that you can revise your course and cover the exam related small points and if you can get a good score, then these tips will help you. Therefore, be prepared before the exam preparation and help these tips in the preparation of the last moment. So let’s start and know these 7 tips to complete board exam syllabus in 1 month.

Create a Time Table

If you want to complete the syllabus of all the subjects a few days before the exam, then you should have a perfect time table which will tell you how to cover the syllabus of each subject in the limited time period. Otherwise it can happen that in the absence of time table, you spend full time only to complete a hard subject and the preparation of other subjects is not completed. Therefore, make a time table, with the help of which the syllabus of every subject can be completed in six times.

Follow The Pomodoro Technique

1 month before the exam, you have very little time left for preparation, so if you want that you can prepare as much as possible without wasting time, then you should adopt Pomodoro Technique. According to which you have to choose a tropic that takes 2 hours or more to complete. After this, set a 25-minute timer on your watch or smartphone and study with full focus in these 25 minutes without any destructions and when the 25 minutes are over, that is, the timer is set then the 5-minute timer And take a study break in this 5 minutes. In this break you can do anything other than study, and after the break is completed, you have to study, focus, by setting a 25-minute timer again. So you can repeat this cycle four times and after that take a break of 15 minutes in which you can do any activity other than study. So by doing this, your tropic will be completed in a short time, as well as that tropic will be understood in a very good way because by following this technique, your entire focus will remain on your tropic and your brain will get a break during study that the concentration power will also remain intact. If you want, you can also take an advanced version of Pomodoro Technique in which you will get 50 minutes of study and 10 minutes of break. By the way, you can increase it according to yourself and i know you will have the heart to reduce it, but if you have to prepare well then you will have to follow it.

Feynman Technique

After preparing for the exam, in the last days, if you want to do such a preparation that you do not speak formulas and derivations at all, and the concept of Tropic will be cleared in such a way that you can easily answer the question effectively that’s why you should adopted Feynman Technique. The specialty of this technique is that you can apply it only if according to you the total tropic is completely prepared but you have understood it well. To adopt this technique, choose the tropic which according to you is completely ready. Now you expand that tropic in such a way that you are a teacher and your student is also explaining that tropic or concept. During this time you do the work of writing and speaking together and in doing so you will know which points are clear to you and which points are still to be cleared. So, the points which are not clear, go to clear them immediately and complete the process again. By doing this, your concept will be cleared in such a way that you will be able to attempt every type of question related to that Tropic in the exam and will be able to score well.

Set a specific time for study

I know you have set your time for mobile, for series and for a lot of things, but here you will take a little effort to set the time, but you will have to spend it if you want the result because these few days of preparing for the exam there are so many importants that you have to cover more part of the syllabus in less time. For this, you should make a habit of studying at a specific time i.e. daily. The habit of reading at a fixed time can help you cover more syllabus in less time because reading at fixed time makes our brain ready to do that work and our brain is less able to do the same work at the same time every day. While it takes us more time to do the same work at different times every day, you can try it out because your brain will perform well only when prepared at the time of study and you will not have to work hard.

Solve The Question Papers

In order to complete the syllabus and gain maximum marks a few days before the board exam, it is very important that in addition to reading the textbooks, you can also solve question papers and sample papers so that you can get the exam pattern and question framing of last years. You can get knowledge about it and you should not be conscious and nervous while solving question paper in exam hall and questionnaire should be applied in such a way that you can understand it easily. So you have to solve all the paper carefully.

Practice to Attempt Exam Paper in a good way

Along with completing the syllabus for the board exam, you should also practice to properly attempt the question paper in the board exam so that your hard work can appear in the answer sheet. For this, while writing the answer, you should follow the proper technique and strategy and write each answer correctly at the right time and in the perfect way. That is why, along with memorizing, make sure to practice the answer in the best way, like when we are writing an answer for a very big topic, we divide it into topics. We write those tropics as bold, we can underline them a little bit, but we don’t have to do that at all, we answered a question comfortably in three-four pages and we did not give importance to the second question we cracked it in half a page. So don’t write too much and dont write anything less, so that the attention of the reader is really understood by how deep it is Tropic. I hope you understand what i would like to mention.

Prepare Quick Notes

You must have prepared notes for the exam much in advance, but in these last days you should make quick notes. Which includes the points of each Tropic which you can read even 1 day before the exam and revise the entire Tropic. Along with this, if you keep the visual ques related to tropic ready, then you will easily remember all the content of tropic at the last moment. For this, if you want, you can apply formulas, tips on your chart paper and writing important ques about your subject, which will help you in revising on exam dates.

So friends, BestDeals360.com hope that this article related to preparing for board exams will prove to be helpful and you will be able to score well in your exam. All The Best For Your Board Exams and with this, how did you like this article, let us know by writing in the comment box below.

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