What is The Difference Between HDD And SSD?

What is The Difference Between HDD And SSD

What is The Difference Between HDD And SSD: Computer is a great discovery of modern technology. It is a machine that has the ability to preserve a lot of data in its memory. It has many features, with the help of which every person can easily find solutions to their minor problems through computer. One of the most important features of a computer is memory. Its most important feature is that it stores a large amount of data in its memory. In any memory, the data is stored as 0 and 1 bit. Which in computer language is also called electric signal. Memory is also called as storage device and nowadays computers have two types of storage devices available namely HDD and SSD.

Both HDD and SSD are storage devices that are used in computers or laptops. Their work is the same but there is a lot of difference between these two due to which people get confused about which storage device is the best and which is not. That is why in this article today we are going to give you complete information about HDD and SSD, what are these and what is the difference between them which makes them different from each other.

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What is an HDD?

HDD’s full name is Hard Disk Drive. It is a Non-Volatile Storage Device in which data is stored for a long time. It remains saved until you delete it yourself or your disk gets damaged. Hard disk work is to store computer data permanently and retrieve it when needed. The hard disk is also called the Secondary Storage Divice. There are two types of hard disk, one is internal hard disk and the other is external hard disk.

An internal hard disk exists inside the CPU that is connected to the motherboard using data cables.

The external hard disk is exactly like our computer’s hard disk from the inside, the only difference is that the external hard disk is placed on the computer outside by USB port in which we can save and keep our personal data.

The first hard disk was made by IBM company whose storage capacity was just 5 MB and weight around 250 Kg. Later, many changes were made, resulting in today’s modern hard disk drives. The hard disk is made of metal with a thin layer of magnetic material attached to it, hence it is also called Electromechanical Data Storage Device.

In order to store this data, one or more circular discs, that is, a platter, is attached. A lot of tracks and sectors exist in these platters and they rotate through a spindle. It performs the task of reading and writing the data by scanning the disk on which the data is saved digitally. An HDD spanning disk has an equator on the mechanical arm that is helpful in reading and writing data. The faster the platter rotates, the faster the data is read and written. Its speed is measured in RPM ie Revolution Per Minute. This means how many rounds the platter has made in 1 minute. Most HDDs range from 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM.

The hard disk slows down as it gets older. The reason for this is that whenever we store data on a hard disk, it is stored in pieces and sometimes those pieces go to different parts of the hard disk. When there is a lot of data in the hard disk, then our computer has some difficulty in finding the data in the hard disk, due to which it slows down. If you want to keep the hard disk fast, then from time to time, defragmenting the hard disk will have to be done by the software of your computer. By defragment, all the pieces of files on the hard disk come together instead of being in different places and our computer does not have any problem in finding files on the hard disk.

What is an SSD?

The full name of SSD is Solid State Drive. It is a storage device with a microchip to store data. SSD is an updated version of the hard disk which is built using new technology. It is lighter and smaller in weight than an ordinary hard disk. A disk rotates in a hard disk but SSD is a chip. There are no drives in it. Since there is no physical rotating drive, the speed of SSD is many times more than the speed of HDD.

The SSD is designed to perform faster input output. SSD has been invented to make the computer faster and less power consuming, and its special feature is that it is much faster than HDD and consumes less power. But the problem of buying SSD is that SSD is very expensive due to its internal design.

SSD is made of semiconductor just like RAM but it is a permanent storage device. An SSD doesn’t have a mechanical arm, so an embedded processor is additionally wont to read and write data, which is additionally called a controller. The semiconductor chip communicates better than the magnetic material, which is why it is much faster. Controller is used to know the speed of SSD. Whatever decision it takes, such as storing data, retrive, Cache data and data cleanup, all these things determine the speed.

The SSD is enclosed inside a plastic or metal case, which is similar in appearance to a battery. The specialty of SSD is that it is resistant to physical shock. It does not deteriorate even if it gets jerked or falls down fast. There is no moving part or mechanical part inside it this is often why they live long.

The biggest drawback of SSD’s is that they are very expensive. As much as 1 TB of hard disk can be found in that price, only 256 GB SSD is available in that price. This is a new technology, so it is not available in high storage right now.

SSD is used in many types of devices including computer games, digital cameras, digital music players, laptops, PC’s, smartphones, tablets, etc.

What is The Difference Between HDD And SSD?

1.  SSD speeds are faster than HDD’s while hard disk takes time to store data. The speed of copying and writing any file is 50 to 120 MBPS in HDD and SSD’s can range from 200 MBPS to 500 MBPS. File opening speed is quicker than HDD.

2. If we talk about the price of both these storage drives, then the betting HDD kills here. It costs much less than SSD. SSD provides low storage capacity at higher prices. HDD is used in low-cost computers and laptops, which provide more storage capacity.

3. If you want a drive with more storage capacity, then HDD will be a better option for you. In a computer using HDD, there is also storage space of 1 TB or more memory. SDD’s are quite expensive, so laptops are available with low storage capacity. Most laptops and computers come with SSD’s ranging from 128 GB to 500 GB.

4. There is no moving part in SSD which makes it more secure. The risk of HDD falling or under any pressure is high, but the possibility of data loss in SSD is much less.

5. An HDD consumes more power than an SSD. That is why it is seen that devices that have SSD give more battery backup.

6. Whenever a data needs to be read or written, the spinning platter in the HDD rotates causing the sound to be louder as the platter rotates. There are no moving parts in SSD, hence no sound or noise is produced in it.

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